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Do you know that we spend more than 140 hours to organize an event? What if we say you can host and organize any event with a single click?

Organize any event, be it a Birthday, Reunion, Engagement, Wedding Ceremony, Dinner Party, Music Night, House Warming, Picnic, Office Inauguration, Sports Events, and many more.

Anmol App can make each and every event thoughtfully produced and can curate moments which leave lifelong impression.

You can register and invite your friends and family to the event. Share pics, get likes, and view comments.

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Search for venues and vendors near you from our qualified vendor list within your budget.

Our ANMOL is a one-stop-shop solution for all your event needs.

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Hosting an event is always exciting. It gets Great only when you find right venue & vendors at affordable price.

Anmol gives you a pleasant experience in finding premium vendors.

Add a co-host to minimize your burden & enjoy your event to the fullest.

These co-hosts can share your responsibility. They can take care of your event needs and orgnize on your behalf.

ANMOL adds more fun and ease to Shop. Enjoy the experience of shopping from a huge list of exclusive products.

Get aligned with our top-rated designers to get unique fashions for your event.

Buy and Share your fashions and get comments right away.

Sharing your pics and videos adds pride to the Event. Everyone wants to hear gossips about their event!

ANMOL takes you Social. Create private and public groups, chat, and get updates and comments.

Simple & Interactive

Anmol is easy to use and interactive which suits for all your events. Anmol lets you choose what you want from most traditional event to fantastic ultra parties.

Matches your style

Anmol app matches to your style and needs. Organize and host any event from cradle ceremony to Jubilee Anniversaries. Anmol app brings pride to your Events.

Guest Management

Managing Guest Lists is simplified. All the guests will be notified in advance about the event highlights.

Organize guest accommodation, commuting, and all other arrangements.

On Mobile

All the features of Anmol are accessible on your mobile and compatible with all devices.

It brings you very close to your event and collaborate with your guests and vendors.


How it is useful for me?

Anmol offers a platform to create and organize any event. Smart budget planner assists in accurate spending.

Shop online and blend tradition with fashion. Track guest attendance & socialize.

Do I need to pay anything for using ANMOL?

Absolutely NOT.

ANMOL is a free app.

Is there any limit for the number of Guests and co-hosts?

NO. You can invite any number of guests you like and can add any number of co-hosts as per your requirement.

How many venues can I shortlist?

You can shortlist any number of venues.

However, the booking would be confirmed only on payment.

How do I make payments to vendors?

You can make payments for your selected vendors through our verified payment gateway only.

I have already booked a venue from someone else, can I book a florist from you?

You can tag your vendor to the organized event and avail all the features of Anmol.

How it works

Download Anmol App or

visit anmoll.in

Create Event

Are you planning a Birthday, Wedding, Conference, or any event?

Fully engage and collaborate with your audiences. Create, schedule, plan, and produce your memorable events.

Invite Guests, Family, & Friends

An email will be sent to your guests. Stay connected with them throughout the event. Guide them to the venue.

Livecast your event.

Add Co-Hosts

Everyone wants to enjoy their own event. Add co-hosts and share the responsibility. Have a stress-less event planning.

It's Fun for you and Easy for them.


Publish schedule of events. Keep your events running on-time. Set up a detailed plan with date, time, and location.

Share it with your guests and vendors, they can plan for the day.

Event Gallery - Share photos and videos

Upload pictures and videos. Give them titles and descriptions. Restrict access to specific guests.

Create private groups, get comments and likes.


A great way to go social. Chat with Guests and vendors. Open public and private chat groups for discussion and get reviews about the event plans. Post comments and review updates.

Smart Budget Planner

Smart Budget Planner assists you to check complete event budget beforehand. Choose only the services you need.

Stick to the plan right within your budget.

Connect with Vendors

Plan and browse vendor listings. Connect directly with the local professionals and get help to pull off your big day.


Experience hassle-free shopping. Choose from the loads of event-specific premium outfits online and enjoy shopping.

TELL Your Story

Share event gallery after the event. Buy web space and share them permanently. Tell your story to the closed groups or public.


Accept Invitation Once you receive an invite, you can accept and actively participate throughout the event.

Get instant updates View the posts by the host and get all updates on event.

Chat/Like you can chat, like, and comment on the updates, pics, videos, and share your views from any device.


Shopping Shop online and get it delivered at the venue. If you are a group, contribute to the wallet and buy gifts.

Find your Way Find the venue and reach on time with Anmol App.